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  • Highly flexible chemical filling and manufacturing facility.

  • Semi-automatic filling and labelling machines are operating on 8 hour shifts, 5 days a week with approximately 1 million bottles (based on 1L bottles) production capacity per annum.​ ​

  • We are capable of filling and labelling a variety of packaging ranging from 50ml to 25L.

  • Highly flexible blending facility with capabilities to mix acids, alkalis, and solvents. 

  • High sheer mixing vessel for various viscous liquids/ gels.

  • Able to accommodate both large and small production runs.



  • Operating in a range of sectors including automotive, personal care, household & industrial care and medical, we distribute ingredients for industry leading manufacturers.

  • Our approach is to act as a synergistic link between our suppliers and customers, adding value for all parties within the supply chain.

  • Our suppliers have an enviable reputation for delivering chemicals internationally, procuring for government, non-government and voluntary sectors.


  • We pride ourselves on bringing innovation to industries through our branded products.

  • We undertake various performance and stability testing methods to ensure each product we formulate and manufacture performs well and is stable in its packaging and environment in which it is used.

  • Product samples are available until the formulation is right for our customers.


  • On-site marketing team allows us to build a brand from a concept to on the shelf. 

  • On-site label printing capabilities allowing us to print on both white and transparent media for mock samples through to large production runs.

  • Full adobe creative suite to design various marketing material for our customers

  • Available research on current market trends, size and opportunities.


  • Full support for all regulatory matters from our in-house compliance team allowing our customers to focus on their own products without the worry of various compliance and regulation. 


  • We offer global distribution for all our customers.

  • Bespoke delivery methods are available too. 

  • Full documentation provided with each delivery.

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